When Kat was planning an awesome campaign for Dicegeons & Robots she fell asleep, and when she woke up she was inside the campaign, now you must help her defeat the monsters and escape safely.

As you progress through the dungeon you´ll face a series of enemies with numerous advantages and disadvantages that will change everytime you play, from the enemies and the advantages even the music will change, with over 100+ different combinations each game will be different from your last.

Will you be able to escape the dungeon even when the odds are against you?

✨This project was created for the Level Up Game Jam ✨


As usual to move you have to use WASD keycaps:

- W: go back

- A: go left

- S: go front

- D: go right

But, it is not all, for fighting you must use your left click. If you want to change the view just draw your right click.

The tricky of this game is that you have to be in the same 2D line to fight as in some vintage games.

And last but not least, press F to interact with the dices.


Applies to you | Applies to the enemies


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorsNemesis De Nix, Tiwhy, Blue Joe, Milo Giraldo
Tags2D, 3D, chance, Indie, Music, Pixel Art, Robots, Steampunk, Unity


DicegeonsAndRobots.rar 34 MB


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Loved the game, was a bit difficult trying to handle the long ranged shooters, also may be due to my lack of skill haha, but loved it! Cannot wait to see what else you have to make! Leaving a follow and keep up the great work!!! Your game is first in the video. (May take up to an hour upon post to upload fully, slow internet lol)


omg, just now I updated the game, becouse i cant in the Jam, if u want to try again with a little changues and fixes! x)

I might soon =D

Ok!! Thanks for playing <3

The fire rate was too low. The cam make me sick.

But I love the pixel art and the 3D dices

Thank you for playing! 😊